Grip Sport Nationals and the Arnold Mighty Mitts

We are very excited to announce that the 2013 North American Grip Sport Championship will be an automatic qualifier for the 2014 Arnold Mighty Mitts competition.

The absolute champion will be announced and earn a guaranteed spot in the 2014 Arnold Mighty Mitts. All athletes scores will be enter into a separate overall category for this award.

The Arnold Mighty Mitts is the brain child of grip legend Richard Sorin. Athletes from across the globe are selected to compete in a variety of grip events on the biggest stage in strength. The 2013 North American Grip Sport Championships will determine that first contestant for 2014.


2013 North American Grip Sport Championships – Medley List

Here is the medley list for the North American Grip Sport Championships June 1, 2013 hosted by Durniat Strength

Medley List: (4 minute time limit)

2 Hand Lifts – 1 point each

Sorinex Saxon Bar @ 175#
Double Slim from floor – (2) 12# hammers joined together
315# deadlift from 11mm climbing rope (we used lifting straps around the bar for this lift last year)
180# Sorinex Pops grip machine
5/16″ grade 2 reverse bend
2-150# plates deadlift from the rims (will be a 100# plate with a 45 added via a loading pin)

1 Hand Lifts – 2 points possible (1 point for each hand)

2-45s – York thin plates
8# sledge to platform – coin on head
12# sledge weaver to rear
Slater MonsterBell – 155#
InchDB – 172#
2.5″ handle @ 160#
York 45 hub
Sorinex 5″ Saturn Globe – 50#
Index finger on small Dinnie ring – 100#
Grip Topz stub – 30#
2″ Vbar – 250#
Sorinex Hub – 40#
Sorinex Anvil Trainer – 150#
42# Blob
Chris Rice Plywood lift – 40#
Chris Rice Thin Pinch – 45#
Chris Rice Key Pinch – 90#
12# sledge to forehead
16# sledge to forehead
Chris Rice Internal rotation
Chris Rice External rotation
Pony Clamp
1-arm DL Standard Bar – 230#
Sorinex Fat Rotating Handle – 200#

A possible 58 total points

2013 North American Grip Sport Championships Entry Form


Ashland University Throwers Visit DS

Andrew Durniat and Jud Logan

On September 14 we had the Ashland University Track and Field throwing team over for a ‘secret workout.’ Head coach, Jud Logan (4-time USA Olympic Hammer thrower) has recently added a ‘secret workout’ to the fall conditioning of his throwers. We were happy to be chosen for this years adventure.

When they arrived, some looked puzzled, while others looked excited. Brandon Gerber led the athletes through a dynamic warm-up to shake off the 30 minute drive from campus. We then led the team to the main gym floor where we had 14 stations set up for the 28 athletes to train. General Physical Preparedness (GPP) was the theme of the day and coach Logan wanted it to be different than anything they had ever experienced. Here is what we came up with:


– Floor is Lava (climbing around and through the Sorinex BaseCamp Racks without touching the floor)
– Axle Deadlift @ 115 or 185# – 2 sets of 10 reps
– Arm over Arm Sled pull @ 135 or 160# for 60 feet
– Hanging Leg Raise – 2 sets of 10
– Battling Ropes – tabata internal – 20sec. Work / 10sec. rest x 4 sets
– Kettlebell bear crawl – 16 or 32kg
– Sandbag Over 48″ Bar – 100 or 150# bag x 6 reps

Keg DuckWalk

– Engine Block or Sandbag Press – 110# engine or 70# sandbag
– Neck Work x 8 reps each direction
– Pullups – 2 sets of 8 reps, band assisted as needed
– Blast Strap Pushups – 2 sets of 12
– Keg Duck Walk – 100 or 150#
– Ring Body Row – 2 sets of 12
– 3″ Pinch bar Deadlift – 50 or 100# for 2 sets of 8

They had 2 minutes at each station to do as much work as possible or complete the listed sets and reps. Talk and chatter was heard after the first couple stations, but that quickly turned to heavy breathing and searching for water bottles. 45 minutes later they had completed the training.

Engine Block Press

After a brief break we had time to reflect on the training and then play with some of the grip implements found here at Durniat Strength. Jud was kind enough to bring his Inch DB along, allowing us to have two Inch DB’s present for a farmers walk. The Inch DB is 172# with a 2 3/8″ handle, making it extremely difficult to lift. Lifting two Inch DB’s and then walking is an extreme feat of grip strength made famous at the Arnold Mighty Mitts competition. Andrew managed to hoist and walk with them ~30 feet before losing his grip.

Jared Conklin with MonsterBell

Ashland thrower, Jared Conklin, was said to have lifted the Inch DB on his first experience with it and we watched as he again completed this feet with what looked to be relative ease. We then lined up both Inch DB’s to see if a walk was possible. Jared broke the bells from the floor but was unable to stand fully with them in hand. He was able to lift my Blob, half of a broken 100# York DB, and my 3″ handled Slater MonsterBell. Not to be outdone, 3 of the Ashland ladies were able to lift the Blob with a two-hand pinch lift, a feat that is well recognized for women.

All in all it was a great day of training and meeting new friends. We look forward to see you all again soon.

By Brandon Gerber