Andrew Durniat, CSCS/USAW

Andrew Durniat, CSCS/USAW transformed his passion into a life-changing business in 2005. He has trained high level athletes and is one himself. He is a former All-American in lacrosse and has coached lacrosse at the College of Wooster. His past experience has led him to current compete in various high level strength/grip competitions, including Mighty Mitts at the renown Arnold Sports Festival.

As a high level personal trainer and athlete, Andrew takes the best attributes from the different modalities of power-lifting, Olympic weightlifting, and kettlebell training, all distilled from his own training, and combines them into effective training programs for any serious athlete looking to improve their performance. His education includes certifications from the National Strength & Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist & USA Weightlifting as a Sports Performance Coach, and he is also certified as a Russian Kettlebell American Master Trainer.

Athletes trained by Andrew have gone on to compete at the following schools:
-Bowling Green State University
-College of Wooster
-Ohio State University
-University of Toledo
-Ohio Northern University
-Ohio Wesleyan University

In addition to training athletes, Andrew also transforms the everyday life of clients ranging from elementary school to 70 years of age.  He also has much to offer the professional trainer.  His arsenal of training techniques can show them many ways to add to their own programs, thus helping them make tremendous gains.


Kettlebell Competitions

2010 St. Petersburg, Russia – 1st American born person to achieve Russian Rank 1
2009 Ventspils, Latvia – 7th place Absolute
2009 Arnold Classic – 1st Place Absolute and Co-efficient
2008 IKFF/NAKF Nationals – 1st Place Absolute and Co-Efficient
2008 World Long-Cycle Championships, Hamburg, Germany – 8th place
2007 World Championships, Miami, Florida
2006 World Championships, Olga, Latvia

Grip Competitions

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Arnold Classic Mighty Mitts
2012, 2013 LA FitExpo Viking ViseGrip – 3rd place
2011 LA FitExpo Viking ViseGrip – 2nd place
2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 US National – 1st place
2008 US Nationals – 3rd place
2008 IronMind Certified Captains of Crush #3 and #3.5

Strongman Competitions

2011 North American Highlander National Champion
2010 Western New York Highlander – 1st Place
2008 Powerfest – 1st Place Open Class
2008 Western New York – 3rd Place Lightweight

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  1. hey andrew, i used to workout at Wooster Tennis and Fitness center back in 2009 and i just wanted to tell you great job on opening your own gym. You helped me alot back then and i have since went away and joined the US Marine Corps and am currently deployed. i still use some of what u taught me way back then and show everyone the videos on youtube of the Day of Strength. Anyways, keep up the great work. i hope one day i can be as great a coach as you are. Semper Fidelis.

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