Shreveport Highlander

I traveled down to Shreveport, Louisiana via Baton Rouge and Matt Vincent’s home for the Shreveport Highlander. What drove me to this highlander was the inclusion of an Elite division and the opportunity to compete against some of the best highland games/strength athletes around.

(L to R) Scott Stefan, Matt Vincent, Andy Vincent, Mark Cummings, Andrew Durniat, Mark Cristina, Tom Emelander, Ross Love

The events were:
1) 135 lbs. open stone for distance
2) Walk, walk, drag – Farmers walk 220 lbs. each hand for 80 ft., come back walk 310 lbs. each hand for 80 ft., come back and drag a 450 lbs. chain for 80 ft.
3) Braemar stone – 25 lbs.
4) Overhead press medley, everything from 170 lbs. to 323 lbs.
5) 56 lbs. weight for distance
6) 555 lbs. axle deadlift for reps

Here is the video of my events

I managed 4th place overall. An excellent placing in this group of athletes and myself being 50 lbs. lighter than the next lightest, Matt Vincent at 280 lbs., everyone else was over 300 lbs.

The local news was on hand and did a great bit for the evening news.
Here is the link:

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