Strength Performance at OSU/ATI

On September 17, The Durniat Strength Crew of Andrew Durniat and Greg Gorecki were honored to be the special guests on the Ohio State University/Agricultural Technical Institute campus located just a few miles from the Durniat Strength headquarters. As part of a quest to promote health and wellness to students on campus, we were asked to discuss and display the body’s potential….and what better way to display such potential then some good ol’ fashioned steel bending!!

Greg bending a 60d nail

Steel bending has its place in physical culture and has recently over the years made a resurrection with help from such organizations as Ironmind with their steel bending bag and the Red Nail certification. Steel bending not only demonstrates incredible grip and wrist strength, but total body strength as well. We chose to show the students such feats of strength in order to show the capabilities everyone has the ability to possess with a little hard work and determination.

Greg with a 12″ spike

We began the night with by tearing a phonebook in half and progressed from there. Included was the bending of 60d nails, 12″ spikes, horseshoes, frying pans, a 1″x1/2″ flat steel bar (36″ length) and finally some sledgehammer/axe levering with barbell juggling.

After the show we engaged in conversation with the students to help answer any strength and fitness questions they had. It turned out to be a great night with a great group of students. We were honored to partake in the event and enjoyed the fascination and interest from the student body. We hope to see future benders emerge and embark on their personal journey of strength and well being.

By Greg Gorecki

Horseshoe heart

8# Sledge, 15# Axe

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